Make Me Forget by Anna Brooks

This book came to me when I was complaining on our blog that I was having a hard time connecting with the stories I was reading, a private message, an offer to read a new author and next thing you know I am hooked on this story.

Charlotte and Travis meet in summer, Charlotte is visiting with her family and Travis is trying to figure out what he should be focusing on. A chance meeting at a favorite spot, and a cry for help from a stranger, creates a bond between these two that never goes away, no matter the time or distance.

Summer flings can be deceiving, the sun, surf and little things like how old we really are can get in the way of the happily ever after you crave so much. A summer that changed the course for two people, destined to be one. A promise to be there when you are ready is made and then life just keeps going, and guilt and miscommunication keep the angst meter on high!

When worlds collide and eyes meet, Travis is quick to claim what has always been his, but the innocent girl he fell in love with, has something dark she is holding back and this time he isn’t leaving it up to chance.

Really enjoyed this and a big thanks to the author Anna Brooks for allowing us the opportunity to read. Looking forward to more from her.

Written by: unrulygirl

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