Malevolent by Cassia Brightmore

When Tara is speechless and the only words she has for me, are “read this book” I go in, no need to read the blurb or know what I am getting into.  So I knew nothing about this going in and was so intrigued by the first couple of pages, I decided sleep, cleaning and basic parenting could wait until I found out who the hell did it, and how they got so demented.

Not only a great “whodunnit” mystery is unfolding but a hot alpha sheriff that decides the new girl in town is HIS and we all know how f-n hot that is.  Protect mode engaged. Possession decided. Game. On. 

At a certain point you are pointing your finger at every single player in the game, knowing that there is not only one, everyone is suspect. Were they accounted for, flipping back pages, did I miss something? These are the best kind of stories the ones that grip you not only with the amazing weaving of a mystery but the hot blooded, tingle ensuing of an alpha claiming his woman, yeah hot sex included.

An amazing debut by first time author Ms. Brightmore and I for one, can not wait for more.

Written by: unrulygirl

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