Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Words escape thoughts are jumbled and I can’t even describe the internal battle of emotions I experienced from just reading this book.  Having had to start and finish in one sitting because I could NOT close my kindle without knowing..  Colleen Hoover is not only an incredible author but she is a master to evoke emotion with one “pull of the string” or lyrically driven conversation.  She can have you at the highest of highs and then with one tug you are dropped into an abyss of sorrow.  Tears from laughter, sorrow, heartache and as always the butterflies of remembering the feelings from your own life experiences.  Easily done? Not in most cases, but in this author’s case it seems to be as effortless as taking a next breath.

My favorite book of ALL time is Slammed by Colleen Hoover and every time I read a new book I wonder is this the one that can knock it out of it’s esteemed spot in my heart?  Having not happened until Sydney and Ridge came crashing into my life..literally with a sore knuckle to start it off..hitting people does hurt..Has this book replaced Slammed as my favorite? No, but it now shares the top spot.  Completely different, but having the same affect on my heart and mind leaves it a no-brainer tie! When words on a page burn into your soul..yeah that happened..

The banter and shared friendship between everyone in the book, the battle of emotions and the connection that is made through music and the written had me..hook..line and sinker!  I don’t want to go deep into the characters or plot of the book, it could ruin it for a reader.  What I do want to say, is this story will leave it’s mark in your heart.  Make you feel like you actually know these people and relate to them on a completely raw level. Completely torn, ravaged and wanting so desperately for everything to fall into place, and find their happily ever after…Will their someday be recognized?

I would also like to thank Ms. Hoover for the opportunity to read this book early..receiving that email was like winning the lottery with one click. this every book penned by Colleen Hoover..she always delivers and NEVER disappoints.
Written by: unrulygirl

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