Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando

Maybe This Time (Maybe, #1)Maybe This Time by Chantal Fernando
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Loved it..full review to come

4.5 Hot Ass Damaged Alpha Stars

I am really enjoying all of these debut authors and their alpha leads, not only in the male lead but also the female. Every book I have read lately has really nailed what I like to read. And if I like it then it’s awesome, k? This book was no exception.

It started with the back story of Summer who has been kept from her father and step brother because of her dad cheating on her mama. After Summer is suddenly found alone she decides to take her brother Xander up on his offer to stay with him. Summer thinking this is a temporary arrangement doesn’t believe she will find common ground with her father. While still wants desperately to get the love and attention from him that she was denied during childhood. Summer isn’t a wallflower and speaks her mind, I love that in a lead. Watching her find a family and realizing that her dad wasn’t the bad guy she had always been told he was a great part of the story too. I love a protective man in any capacity, brother, dad, I love em all!

“They seem to think you’re the sweetest thing, but I know there’s some fire in you.”

 photo SASHA-sexy-couple-woman-beauty-sexy-hot-Love-sensual-Couples-daniels-bostongemini-arenas-Pictures-love-couples-grab-girlpowe_zpse8d47ad3.jpg

From the beginning you know the men that are suddenly in her life are keeping secrets. What the secrets are, this is found later in the book and to be honest I thought they were going to be way worse. I actually enjoyed where the secrets lead the reader and the book for me opened up from that moment on.

“Unlocking the door, I pull it open and come face to face with an extremely pissed off alpha male.”

 photo Alpha-Male_zps506ff3c4.png

Reid and his twin brother Ryan have had a tough life and are hot, protective and the toughest of boys. Wrapped up in a two pack..yay! Summer is drawn to Reid immediately but finds only a brick wall of asshole, why that attracts us? Anyone’s guess, but it totally does! He doesn’t think he is good enough for Summer and doesn’t want to be disrespectful to her father and brother, people he has known his whole life. There in lies the beautiful beginning of an angsty alpha breakdown to book boyfriend! Swoon..

“I can feel him, without even touching him.”

 photo 86c827e82f76521e73cd80c5357de2ac_zpsbe172af8.jpg

Reid is fighting demons and a life that was never fair. Within the story he finds peace and a way to let go of the rage that a less then ideal upbringing can lead to.

 photo 6a81447d6bb3a54568b34c139bdb9f4d_zpse67e87e8.jpg

I mentioned that Reid had a twin, Ryan. I loved the friendship that Summer and Ryan formed and found their bond a treat within the love story. I always enjoy a female/male friendship. Ryan was a total man whore, so I fell in love right away. You get a teaser of the next story that stars Ryan and I am already attached and anxiously waiting!

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