Misled by Kathryn Kelly

MC books are not for everyone.  Men talking in partial sentences, emphasized with grunts, fuck used as a comma and bitch can be an endearment or a slap in the face. Men of MC’s are not hard to read…you get what you see and they let you know how they want you and when. No arguing, just possession and fierceness. Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell is one of these men…he could be next to the definition of said biker…he has a soft ish part in him and it seems he found the kryptonite that may unleash his fury and possibly love?
Meggie has never had it easy…she was the product of a woman looking for more than a prez could give her at the time…so she sought what she thought was “normal” only to find a monster more heinous than anything she would have endured at the clubhouse.  The exterior of a man means nothing Meggie realized this at an early age, she was a fighter and in looking for her father…she found her real savior. Underneath this find is a secret that can tear her world down even lower than she thought existed.

This story is a mix of that DID not just happen, what the fuck just happened and I’m so glad that just happened. Watching a hard ass, fuck what he wants Prez of a MC club, (who we meet in the midst of a three-some)…find what his heart never thought it sought in the eyes of an 18 year old girl wasn’t a creepy as that may have just sounded. It even tight-roped on the verge of beautiful. This story encourages two people that were taught that they were nothing…wastes of space or things to be abused…were anything but when they are together. Really enjoyed it..
Written by: unrulygirl

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