Monster by Francette Phal

Having recently read a lot of “dark” stories I was a little nervous going into this one..just on the name alone.  Starting out I was like is this asshole serious? But there was always an underlying need that was present, was it love?  Possibly? The inkling had me hooked.
You meet said “monster” in the most unappealing way, controlling, demeaning and just down right cruel.  The “accidental” gold digger is just trying to find her chance, her escape from the day-to-day drudgery that has become her life.  Even through all the darkness before her, she wants this man.  Does this make her weak, sick or maybe co-dependent/freaky deaky? No, I think it shows that even through his god-awful behavior there is more to him or at least you are hoping for that!

A world without him, a new life started and just when she starts getting comfortable with it gets slammed back into her face.  Eden has found her bliss..she has a family..a job..and a small group of friends..she is making it..then things start not going her way and she knows Dominic has found a way back in..

Although from the beginning you are meant to despise Dom, there were inner thoughts of his that make him teeter on that line of love and hate..Eden is in constant limbo between the two as well..Her fear and lack of self-worth are all apparent because of him..can he battle himself to win her affections?

Lives and souls found? Read and find out..can a monster be redeemed? This reader says yes but then again I do love me an asshole!

Written by: unrulygirl

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