Musings & Melodies by Rebecca Yarros


OMG THIS SERIES IS AMAZING!! We have Rebecca Yarros coming in with the finale that stars Nixon and BLOWS ME WAY. This series snuck on me. It blew down the doors of a “typical” rockstar romance and floored me with the amount of FEELS and grit that surrounded me while reading. I truly LOVE this series. I completely connected with all of the characters, and felt their love, heartbreak, devotion, and friendship…these authors did an incredible job of writing each story with it’s own flare, and tragedy, personal to each character, in a way that melded them altogether but let them stand alone as well. Read this series. Jonas, Quinn and NIXON will own you. They will completely win you over and make you want do deeply for them. I LOVE THIS BOOK. Read it. xo

Written by: unrulygirl

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