Newly found feminist

I have always thought myself a strong woman, a force of sorts but never a feminist. A mama bear, ready to pounce if the need arose. In my mind a feminist was a bra burning, possibly even overly aggressive in her views and demands. Recently I have been schooled in the ways of what feminism really is, what it can mean and how important it is for generations to come. Here is small example of my awakening. A fellow book friend of mine that I admire was slightly chuffed with a romance she was reading. The author made point after point of saying how women are catty, that they can’t be true friends and she was like WHAAT? This author needs new friends. I thought to myself, I would not have picked up on that. I would have chalked it up to that being normal. So I decided to have a talk with my daughters about it…and they too agreed with the author. They feel like so many girls they know are more catty than true. That they have no qualms talking badly about others and stepping on someone to get one up instead of fixing a crown or being loyal. This made me sad. But it also was how I would have thought prior to this being pointed out to me.

I have recently realized how numb I was to women not supporting women, and doing it in such an underhanded way it almost makes you feel like the bad guy. Desensitized to how someone should not only behave but how I should want to be treated. Strength found. I have NO problem explaining and expecting my girls to be strong, how to be a force, and not be a doormat. Seeing their power in real time has made me not only proud but a tad bit jealous that I didn’t do this for myself sooner. I am now surrounded by strong, kind women that not only cheer for me, want for me, ladies that will fix your crown, and teach me through their actions how to shine and support all at once. A community of badass women that continue to make me be a better friend and partner. Thank you xo

Written by: unrulygirl

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