Night Owl by M. Pierce

Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy, #1)Night Owl by M. Pierce
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5 Hands Down Pants Stars

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I can’t even begin to count the ways that I love this book. Or the positions that I used in combating my ever growing hornyness that this book evoked. My hubby thanks you M. Pierce..I had to have the girls talk me off the ledge when it came to the bunny..a dirty talking, stroking mad men and a bunny? Just wasn’t my cuppa..but I do understand broken and repairing with fuzzy creatures.. I would have just preferred a pitbull or a great dane..that’s all!

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A new sign off tag was also created between friends..Hands down pants..and there was tons of that going on whilst reading this novel. And while others had the opinion that things with Matt didn’t add up, I thought his character was perfectly flawed and portrayed what an addict and dark soul can look like. He was not what I would consider an alpha, but when his soul met his match his true self was allowed to emerge. And he stroked it like a fucking yeah SOLD..

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Maybe a little
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I absolutely devoured this book. I made an EPIC mistake when I took it to a doctor’s appointment and tried to read it in lobby. Warning..don’t read this book in public. Of course there will be haters..he uses animal references, calls her slut and cries after sex. Whilst others call these things wrong I say Right..Right and Damn Right.. My husband may have teared up after I had my way with him the 10th time in a 24 hour period after finishing this book and I state Win!

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So please if you like Disney Princesses, being called doll whilst being pummeled or only engage in missionary sex maybe skip this book and call it a day. My man can call me slut, slap my tits and spank my ass, but as I have always said you wanna make me REALLY happy do some frickin dishes..WORD!
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