Officer Off Limits by Tessa Bailey

Officer Off Limits (Line of Duty, #3)Officer Off Limits by Tessa Bailey
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5++ Sunshine & Trail Mix Stars

I didn’t think it could get better than Derek and Ginger..but then I met Daniel and Story! And even though I still my love book one hard I think I may love this book harder.. Why? You may be asking yourself? Well let me lay down my knowledge and reasoning for this.. Daniel is a troubled, dirty talking, bad boy with a past that has him thinking he is not good enough..yeah my CRACK! If we would have thrown in a kid or a puppy I would have been fucking a goner.. But it didn’t stop there..oh no there was Story. She was a smart ass turned Doctor arm candy who had lost herself trying desperately to make others happy and had completely failed herself..

“She couldn’t deny his magnetism. The guarantee of satisfaction practically radiated from him.”

The story starts in a seafood restaurant where Story is being let down by her fiance even though the wedding is only 2 weeks away. She is drowning in her own inner thoughts when she is snapped back to reality by his confession. Her departure from that situation made me an instant fan. While leaving Story takes a phone call that will alter the world as she knows it..

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Landing in New York to care for her non-existent in her life, NYPD hostage negotiating father, she meets a handsome man in the lobby. He brings a feeling of want and desire she has never experienced, thinking that it was a fluke..she was surprised to see this is her father’s protege! Surprised? No..but the instant banter and quips from both had me instantly sold..

“”The things I want to do to you, Story, would take a lot longer than sixty seconds. Your phone’s battery would die well before I finished.”

 photo HOT-COUPLE-3-Her-head-leaning-back_zps0a463f7b.jpgStory tried to stay away from Daniel and Daniel feeling like he could never amount to what she deserved tried to do the same..enter angst! MMMMMM..did I say MMMMM I <3 angst..

Story had spunk and wouldn’t ever give her power away again. Coming to grips that a man she had met days ago was evoking more emotions than a man she had been planning on marrying, didn’t sit well. Made her question if what was in front of her was real?

“Oh, and just so you know, I am going out tonight. It will be after dark. And if you have a problem with that, you can kiss my perfectly palm-sized ass.”

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Daniel’s fears stem from not being able to shake his past and the feeling of wanting to stay and getting the same from someone else. He grew up in foster care bouncing from one unstable situation to the next and his career had found him at too young of an age.. Not ever experiencing love, trust and the all enveloping feeling of complete surrender.

“Belong to me, Story. Even if it’s just for a little while.”

Loving this series and the way you can kind of gauge what and whose story is or may be coming up. I only wish I was catching a glimpse back to Derek and Ginger, but I read up Brent and Hayden! Already have enjoyed them both as supporting casts..swoon!

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