On A Tuesday by Whitney G.

Whitney G. writes a book. I read a book. Certain things just are. This is a written fact due to what this author delivers, every time. I am guaranteed a story I connect with, characters I fall for, and a love story I devour. On A Tuesday delivered all of it and more.

A second chance romance, enemies to lovers, bad boy college athlete tamed by an unlikely girl, ALL of these things are my “must haves” when reading a story. Every single one worked, you felt the separation, desperation, connection, pain, happy, you experienced all of the feelings that were being painstakingly hurled at you through the pages so deeply you can’t help but fall in love. Grayson and Charlotte were victims of circumstances from beginning to end. How they became unlikely friends, to more, to nothing…but on a Tuesday that can all change.

I felt this story while reading it. Whether it was a laugh, a stomach knot, a heart beat skipped or the butterflies that engage while reading about falling in love. This story had it all. I loved it. Highly recommend it.


Written by: unrulygirl

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