On The Ropes by Christa Cervone

Fighting..for attention, parents love, a family, a home.  All Gabriel “The Saint” Vega knows in his life is fighting.  So when he is ripped from everything he knows and separated from his little brother Jase, he is given his one lucky break.  He lands in the hands of a boxing trainer that helps keeps troubled kids off the street and teaches them to use their fight for good.
Boxing, in the ring has been good to Saint.  He is at the top of his game and winning in an amateur league.  Not wanting to leave the safety of Frankie’s gym, happily staying where he knows the ins and outs of the day.  Women want him, kids idolize him and he has a tight knit group of people he considers family.  His only break is that he wasn’t able to re-connect with his younger brother and knows that he wasn’t as lucky and went down the path of drugs, dealing and crime.  

Helping Frankie keep youth out of trouble is what he does when he is not training..and the threesomes but that is another story all together.  Feeling that what his best friend Jimmy and his girl have will never be his life path, he litters his with ring ho’s, happily.  Until a richy..rich big wig comes to meet with him and brings his girl..something about her catches his eye and little does he know, she maybe his one.

Salem has her life set for her and Saint isn’t part of the plan.  But the man that has been chosen for her is a huge douche-knuckle so you are rooting for Saint.. My only reserve on this book was not getting a real connection with Salem and Gabriel until much too late in the book.  The good part of that is there will be a book two..and note to self: make sure you look that books ends without resolve..everytime!

Look forward to reading more and connecting with Salem and Gabriel..

Written by: unrulygirl

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