One Last Wish by Aurora Rose Reynolds

One Last Wish is the third in the Shooting Stars series and I adored the first two, so jumping into this one was so easy for me. And like the stories before it, I quickly became connected to the characters portrayed and wanted for them immediately. This one starts out hard, but not as hard as it could be. The quickness of how things play out helps you keep the connection between “your” guy and girl. The sadness is like an extra in a movie, it’s there but not overwhelming or taking up too much of your heart.

Timing is everything in this one, from saying what you feel when you feel it, or letting things play out and patiently waiting for it to be the right time. What did happen was between the time lapsed…you wanted for these two to be each other’s everything. You want for them to leave the “what if’s” and just fall into the “what now” category of loving each other. Taking someone for granted is so easily done, and when you think you are faced with losing that someone, it all crashes down on you. For better or worse. This is one of my favorite series from Ms. Reynolds, it is heartfelt, hard, and worth every page. A different kind of BOOM but solid just the same. Quick, easy, beautiful tale of loss, love and family.

Written by: unrulygirl

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