One Ride by Chelsea Camaron

I know I have stated this many times, but somethings just need to be reiterated..I love me a biker boy!  Their possessiveness, their lack of full sentences, their bikes and their tattooed bad ass bodies.  What I do not like is when they are cheating ass dogs..not a big fan of that!  So Tripp won me over in this story..with small exceptions (funny how I can make them for the right boy)!

Tripp and Doll don’t really connect until just about half way through the book and that is a shame. I feel the set-up to getting to the connection was a little much.  If rating this book from 40% on it would have been higher for me.  I was hooked with their relationship.  The journey to get there was a little long for me.

The road trip to relationship was paved with hallway disasters and hearts on the line.  The beauty of a road trip is you have nothing but the wind in your hair and different beds to get busy with on each night.  The downfall can be it’s not “real life” so the closer you get to home the more unsettled you can become. 

I really enjoyed the love story between these two and loved the falling for each other even with the obstacles in their lives.

Written by: unrulygirl

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