Pieces Of Heaven by Natasha Madison

I have read all of Natasha Madison’s books..every book just keeps getting better and better. In this the second book in the Heaven and Hell series we get more of Mick and Marissa’s story. Finding love while entrenched in every parent’s worst nightmare…all the emotions make what they feel for each other more heightened, and take over quickly.

I wanted more of Mick when we met him in Hell And Back, he had never been put first, never been shown that he was important enough to know unconditional love. The first time Marissa and Mick meet is cringe worthy…emotions run high, Mick thought his past was standing in front of him. He reacted instead of reassuring her, but that brought out the brassiness that was Marissa…and a connection was formed.

“Leading to the man who made my dreams come true. The man who saved my daughter from the devil. The man who has given me my own little piece of heaven.”

If you read Hell And Back you already know how things are going to work out with the first half of the puzzle, but you get more in-depth with what is happening on the Mick, Marissa and Lori front. The day in worry, angst and falling in love that happens as they search for clues. Just when you think you can relax and enjoy all things lovey dovey…BAM, plot twist..and then BAM here’s another obstacle. I do love obstacles.

Adrenaline high, all the feels, hot love scenes that will have you rubbing your thighs together. Clears throat…but all in all the love that Mick has for not only Marissa but her daughter is what kept me connected and in love.

Written by: unrulygirl

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