Pieces of Paisley by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Holy roller-coaster of emotional turmoil and engagements. You know when you are just reading along…not a care in the world and you feel it…that knot in the gut of impending doom and destruction. You know things are going too well too early and the bottom is just waiting to fall out and you are going to crash in a flurry of broken hearts and angst? Yeah… love that and this one had that in heaps!

Paisley was young in years but thought to be mature in mind, but at the end of the day her youth, inexperience and insecurities were too much to ignore. The timing was off and Jake and her had to live a life apart in order to remember what they had always loved about each other.  Secrets, jealousy and the fear of losing the one person that could completely un-do you were the ultimate demise of a young relationship that never got the chance it needed to flourish.

Life apart was never quite right…they would find something but never the one thing they both knew existed. Loving from afar and trying to keep up appearances was not easy to read about…I went from gripping the kindle in love, frustration to throwing it and screaming expletives at both for being complete dumb asses…and that’s how you know you have found a book worth reading.

At the end of the day, you are reminded that first true love is the strongest one made and nothing can come between it. Not years, hearts, people or things. Once your heart is claimed it remains theirs for forever…pieces are given of yourself at every hurt, good time and bad and at the end what remains is a collection of memories that create the forever they had been looking for. Beautiful.

Written by: unrulygirl

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