Play by Kylie Scott

I loved Lick! That being said I wasn’t sure if I would care as much about anyone else in the band?  Mal changed that tune and I fell hard for him as well! From the first darkened meeting to the text fests that made me laugh out loud..
These two met and instantly formed a team, a needed unit to face their fears and uncertainties that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Instant love, not really but instant connection? Definitely..

Mal was always the fun one..the one that lived life to the fullest and had a solid upbringing that was his foundation.  When that foundation became weakened so did his whole outlook, knowing that life is too short to not go after what you want was not an option. 

You meet Anne on an especially crappy day..her “friend/roommate” that owed her money for multiple months of rent up and left..with everything! An invite to a party..a drunken proposal and coming home to furniture and a new roommate.  Unrequited love, always the responsible one that was there for her people..but who was there for her? Could she stop worrying about everyone else and just have some fun? If anyone can break into that shell, it was Mal..he was just what the Dr. ordered!

Loved the banter, friendship and the sex was pretty damn good too..can’t ask for much more! And we get to hear about my David..WIN FUCKING WIN..together these two kids just made more sense..

Written by: unrulygirl

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