Possessed By You by Jo-Anna Walker

This book starts with a look and an asshole comment..he sounds like a dick..hope that is my lead!  Happy to say he is!

Being someone that enjoys a provocative, sexually explicit story this book had me at the first proposition..one night..no commitment..only hot, steamy sex..um yes please..

So the night was set and hot, demanding, dirty talking sex was had..stroking..painting white..did I mention hot..fanning myself whilst dry humping anything near me sex was had..and one night was NOT enough!

You get small glimpses of both leads but not enough..what you do get a lot of is sex, inner-course, sucking, licking, owning and penetrating of holes.  My concern was the plot and back-story was only sprinkled throughout the bedroom, office, hallway, and car scenes.   
I needed a little more..I came to care but only because at the end it all quickly came sort of together..to then end and make me want the next book like NOW!  I don’t mind an insta-love connection but for me I need a little more back story to totally understand the connection.

But let me tell you..Ms. Walker can spin a tug scene that explodes onto bare skin like nobody’s business and for that I say thank you and can’t wait for the continuation of the story!

Written by: unrulygirl

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