Promised (One Night #1) By Jodi Ellen Malpas

Holy author of damaged men…I don’t think anyone can write a seriously damaged, hot-ass, bossy, arrogant, quirky and dirty talking man as well as Tara’s self-proclaimed Queen of Bam Bam can.  I am not in any way shape or form comparing the men in her series but they do both possess the qualities named above in one way or another.

Many people are going to go into this book with expectations set at The Lord and higher.  I was not one of these readers, I went in completely blank and fell head over heels with M…his quirks, habits and thing made him crawl right into my heart and take over.  The bossy arrogance is abundant and the mystery is thick.  I was quick to start putting together the pieces to figure the jig saw that is M.  The clues that were inadvertently floating around the pages of my kindle. At the end with the pieces all in place you get more questions than answers, but most of all you get to “THE END” and the dreaded wait for the next installment.



Ms. Malpas is as talented as they come in the art of sexual tension and build up.  Before they even touch you are rubbing your thighs together, panting in expectation.  The written word is a powerful thing when done right and it is done BEAUTIFULLY in this novel.

Can’t wait to get back into the eccentricities that are M and Livy. Make sure everything is in place, lined up and ready to go…

Written by: unrulygirl

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