Raising Landry by Andee Michelle

A debut novel that will have you connecting with the story and characters right from the beginning. You meet Carson as her world is taking the expected step forward…when she over hears something that sets a complete life change in motion. She takes the new info she has learned..makes her decision and never looks back. While trying to get as far away from her past as possible, she finds a new career, family and a little trouble.

You get it all with this story, friendship, a little mystery, a hot unattainable guy and an adorable little girl. When her world shifts again…she is in a place to make the decisions to build on and up. Never as easy as we plan, but watching Carson and Kyler figure it all out, and start to depend on each other was an amazing journey.

Can’t wait for more from this author, she puts her heart and soul into her writing and you can feel it coming from the pages.

Written by: unrulygirl

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