Ravage by Jessica Prince

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. And Mace and Lyla did not disappoint. Gah. I am going to miss this crew SO much. I feel like we will still hear about them with One Knight Stand being next…maybe? Doesn’t matter because as I always say “Jessica Prince writes it…Dawn reads it!” So much angsty goodness in this story, intrigue, doubt, back-stabbing, drinks and so so much more. LOVE LOVE LOVE.  

Addiction is a hard subject to not only delve into but make work within a romance story. When the love you have always known chooses substance over everything else it can change the way you see the world. When people who are supposed to have your back, be “your” people turn into something else, it changes you. When a trust is so irrevocably shaken, it can make you stronger, it can change the course of where your life was headed. Lyla was a quiet strength that I was taken in by from the first background meeting. She had a love so strong she almost lost herself within it. Tragedy produced strength, and love was found amidst the darkness. I loved Mace and Lyla and I am SO sad to see them go…but I am ready for any words that Ms. Prince decides to write next. 

Written by: unrulygirl

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