Raw by Belle Aurora

I don’t even know where to start with this review?  I gave myself almost a week to recover, before coming back to try to put into words how this book affected me..maybe I should have given myself two weeks?  Being a reader that LOVES a fucked up, twisted, asshole of a man for a lead in a book (and real life if being honest) this book had me from the beginning.  The journey was well worth the fucking gut wrenching, complete slaying I endured..

 “There’s just something about Twitch.  He’s just…raw.” 

Belle Aurora writes a brilliantly complicated, broken man that finds the vengeance he has forever been searching for may have been all in vain.  The moments where you feel like you had glimpses into the real man, not the facade were few and far between, making you as a reader captivated and craving more..  That is what this book left me with..the feeling that I not only WANT but NEED..MORE!  Is there a petition to sign, a deal to be wagered, a house I clean, truly I will do just about anything to get another book, anything!

The twisted dynamic between both Twitch and Lexi is told from both points of view, which helps to a point getting to know where each of these characters are coming from.  I really love a dual POV, when done right and this one, in my opinion was!   Some readers may not gravitate to Twitch as a likable male lead, some may find his asshole (ish) ways offensive and rude.  Me being, me I fucking loved every hot, dirty fucked up thing out of his mouth..

A stalker, turned lover, turned love of a lifetime? Always looking over your shoulder for the eyes that have burned through you for what seems like forever..being at the right place at the right time, protector vs. stalker..you will have to decide..

“If you need a reason to justify you sucking my cock in your office at 9am on a Monday.”

Um, yeah..check please..and while were at it panty check! I take my hat off to Ms. Aurora and congratulate her on writing a thought provoking, panty drenching, dirty talking masterpiece!  Forever a fan and forever hoping for MORE..

Written by: unrulygirl

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