Raw: Rebirth by Belle Aurora

Here is how this went…I saw on Instagram (I think) a post by the author Ms. Aurora that was hinting of a new Twitch book and I went CRAZY…like total book nerd, fan-girl DOWN nuts.

That’s when my stalking took over. I was seeing the chosen people reading it…loving it…and I was like PLEASE PLEASE let there be a sign up, when…

There it was. SIGN UPS for Raw: Rebirth. That’s how this love story begins.

If you haven’t read Raw it’s a MUST read, not only to get to this book but for your reading soul. So having read Raw you know going in that this will be a second chance romance, and not your typical kiss to the forehead read that I usually gravitate to. It’s a grit filled, fucked up fest of epic proportions that will have you hooked from the first page. I loved this triumphant return of the Raw world. I went into book two (three really but…) after reading some Raw reviews, including my own. But after finishing it went back and read (devoured) Raw and then read Rebirth again. Yes. Judge…but whatevs. Questions are answered, life moves on, and you are mesmerized by the weaving of it all.

You know when you’re going through your everyday and things are good, normal, but than something amazing happens and you’re like, “hmm how did I go exist without this?” feeling? That is how I felt being submerged back into a Ms. Aurora book. Like going back to a favorite place that you weren’t even aware you missed as much as you did. Great return girl. Keep that shit up. Until next time.

Written by: unrulygirl

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