Real Good Love by Meghan March

Real Good Love is the conclusion to the love story of Logan and Banner…you were left with a “uh oh” moment, and the story picks up at the same part. I enjoyed both Logan and Banner but I felt like this installment was just a little more sex than story for me. The action was a little too far into the book to keep completely motivated. I LOVE Meghan March and her writing style. So of course I enjoyed the story, but as a reader I need a little more angst, obstacles, and I hate to say it…drama to keep me completely sated. Although the sex scenes were hot and the connection was solid with these two characters..I found myself skimming in some places trying to figure out the mystery that was brewing while they were humping like rabbits. lol I will always pick up a Meghan March book, no reading of blurb and read it. Always. 

Written by: unrulygirl

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