Reprisal by Christa Lynn

This book was like Criminal Minds meets every alpha male I have ever loved, mixed with some CSI and sprinkled with mystery and hot sex…fuck yeah!! 
The insta-love connection that can only happen when the lead male is an alpha, loyal, demanding, hot son-of-a-bitch, is not for everyone; but in this case it works perfectly.  The scene is set before each have any clue who the other is, they are completely drawn to each other.  Check please!
An erotic thriller is a perfect tag for this story, but dark? It is not a smell the roses and kiss your forehead kind of tale, these two are forensic cops on the trail of murderers that don’t kill politely.  The scene is set for violence but not between the two leads, they are just thrust into a mystery that runs deeper than they could ever imagine.
Sydney is not looking for love and Gabe definitely isn’t searching for his happily ever after.  But when lives are threatened and lines are drawn, a love is found and isn’t that what we all want? 

This book will keep you guessing, having you scream out your thoughts and plots, and a wet panty spot could definitely be in your near future…

Written by: unrulygirl

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