Reveling In Sin by Meghan March

This one is hard for me to fully review…this trilogy took me a little longer to get into than most MM stories do. The back and forth was not always working for me, but book two I was in and awaiting the conclusion. The Gables and Riscoff feud seemed to be winding up and down at the same time, but it was seeming like Whitney and Lincoln were finally being able to see only themselves and their relationship through the feud…this story had them realizing they were it for each other, but everything around them seemed to imploding. Literally, physically, like everywhere. The surrounding players played a larger role in this one and it felt I lost the Whitney Lincoln connection a little through the “everything” else that was coming from us around every page turn. Entertaining? yes. But a tad bit overwhelming and off track too. I did enjoy this one, but not as much as I typically enjoy a MM story. I know I am minority in this view and I am okay with that because at the end of the day I am a HUGE, whole career fan of Ms. March as an author and human. I just saw glimpses of what she is currently working on and am so excited to read on…like I said lifetime fan here.

Written by: unrulygirl

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