Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

I LOVE this series. I was taken from book one, mesmerized with book two and totally immersed with book three. I love me a slow burn read. An attraction that simmers, boiling over in certain situations and for whatever reason has to be saved, savored until the time is right. Emma Chase mastered that emotion in this installment, while still keeping in her humor, hot bodies and a friendship that outshines all of the rest. A connection you care about from page one, keeping your attention on nothing but what can happen next..

Logan was perfection. The broken boy, that doesn’t feel worthy of the gleaming ray of sunshine known as Ellie. Loving her from afar was what he thought his life would always be. Until the tether between them got so tight it threatened to strangle them both..

Ellie..full of life, love, light and a heart that belongs to one man, Her protector, her safety the one person that puts her before all else, even when she doesn’t know it. When she realizes settling isn’t an option, everything comes to a head.

This series just keeps getting better, more heartfelt, stronger bonds, knowing these characters from past stories you can’t help but connect right away. Loved it!

Written by: unrulygirl

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