Royally Yours by Emma Chase

Royally Yours (Royally, #4)Royally Yours by Emma Chase
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All the damn stars! I loved this one. I’m not usually one to enjoy a prequel to a love story…but this one stole my heart and moved me to tears MULTIPLE times. I loved this story more than I can say. I was fully invested from the very first words, watching not only an epic love story unfold but an epic life and friendship. I was brought to tears more times than I should admit to, which shows me I was completely sunk by these characters. Totally and fully in love with all of them. From the family members to the partners, the best friends, hell even the drivers I connected and cared for them all. Like I said in the beginning of this ranting love fest of a review, I usually don’t enjoy a pre-quel love story of the parents…like ewwwwww but those words were thrown right back in my face in a graceful, beautiful way by the always word wielding brilliance of Ms. Chase. Struck. That is what I would say I was. Thrown. Never say never. These two had a love that was felt even before they met. I can’t recommend this entire series enough and please please include Royally Yours. I will miss all of these characters like they are my own family. LOVE. On my list of favorites for 2018!

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