Ruin by Samantha Towle

First..all the love for Samantha Towle..GAH I l adore her books. ALL OF THEM. And Ruin falls perfectly in line with all the others. But we add a hot ass, broody boxer and I AM DONE! Stick a fork in me…total LOVE.
Zeus is HOT. Due to being hit once too many times in the head he makes some bad choices leading to an angsty, sexual tensioned filled story that had me GLUED to my kindle. I couldn’t set it down if the earthquake in the movie San Andreas decided to rein down on me. I would have sat on my fat ass and finished Ruin. Yeah..that good. I loved this one. It had everything I need in my romance. A hot, possessive, limited vocab male, that shows his love with actions. A strong girl that learned the hard way to trust or not by actions. A family that brings it all together in a way only this genre can do. GAH it’s re-read time. Just a little bit of all that is holy in my reader soul. Perfection for me. Can’t wait for the next word filled romp from Ms. Towle. Put me in coach I AM READY!

Written by: unrulygirl

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