Running Mate by Katie Ashley

Addison was having one of those know the kind…nothing goes right and just when she thinks it can’t get any worse..she is called out of her office and led to a private meeting with her boss. This. Can’t. Be. Good. But the once bad day is about to make a very high priced turn. Enter Barrett Callahan.

Barrett is balls deep in everything that is hot and has a pulse. He is a rich playboy that doesn’t want the happily ever after. He is happy with the “happy endings” he receives every night from a different willing participant. His dad decides to take his senate seat to another level and go for President, the one thing Barrett doesn’t lack is love and respect for his family. So when he is approached with faking an engagement for the sake of his father’s candidacy, he knows he has to.

This arrangement starts with snark, sexual innuendos, moonings and dick picks. It progresses into true friendship, quality time and a sexual attraction that simply can not be denied. The banter and quick wit from both of these vivacious characters kept me smiling, connected and cheering for them to be able to make something that starts fake into the real deal. Giving both of them the “happy ending” they both have earned and deserve.

P.S. Having loved all of Katie’s books I was SO excited to get a glimpse of Abby from Music Of The Heart (My Fav)! I love Jake and Abby

Written by: unrulygirl

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