Ryan’s Bed by Tijan

5 “Way Beyond Your Typical YA Story” Stars

I was captivated by this book when I first saw the cover, it drew me in, making me want more from the simple beauty of what I was seeing. I was not let down. The cover is a beautiful face to what this story has to offer…more than I was expecting, just more period. I laughed, cried, wanted, prayed, and hoped for everyone involved. The connection was instant, the protection I felt for the well-being of Mac was immediate and my love for Ryan was pure…due to the fact that he’s young. šŸ™‚

Tijan delivered with a heartfelt, emotionally packed story that takes the angst of growing up and multiplies it by a million for these kids. Addicting, a knock out YA that had me swiping the pages faster than normal. I couldn’t read it fast enough. The love story wasn’t only between Ryan and Mackenzie, but the connection that a twin feels even after they leave this earth. The warmth and security that was found in the comfort of Ryan’s bed was felt beyond the pages…and the build-up you feel only comes to light when you get the chills that settle in from the last line…

Written by: unrulygirl

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