Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland

I have read every book Vi Keeland has penned. Over the years her writing has become so addicting that I know when I sit to experience the story I need to have time on my side. Once in, I won’t be exiting until I can no longer swipe my kindle along. Ms. Keeland is an absolute pro at weaving stories together, seamlessly and with such precision that you are so immersed you often have to remind yourself it is indeed, fiction. The past to present, the angst that had me swooning and praising from my reading perch was done perfectly. Humor, life, friendships, girth, birth, and relationships that delved much deeper than “romance” is known for. She delivered, flawlessly, as usual.

You know going in you will get answers regarding all the why’s and why not’s that you may run into. What they may be or how they might feel once revealed only time and pages will tell. A story of true love, first love, family and everything that life places in-between. The journey I was taken on with Nat and Hunter’s story had me wanting more…all the while being completely sated with what I was blessed with. Another thing this author leaves you with…a smile.

Written by: unrulygirl

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