Slade by Adriane Leigh

Adriane Leigh has done it again…she has written a hot, dirty talking sexy man that sees what he wants and plows through everything to get what he wants. Slade was a man on a mission, a wall was placed in front of him (Dillon’s hardened heart) and he didn’t play games, he wasn’t wishy washy..he trampled everything in his way and worked hard to slowly convince her they were each others exception…

Not one to trust men, Dillon had long settled into the mold of small town slut…never did these words affect her as much as when they were directed to her during heated moments with Slade…could he be hers? Secrets revealed, triggers realized and play time commenced…often!

These two never had a problem with chemistry, they exploded off the pages from the very beginning! You were rooting for them to dig deep…get tough and realize what they had right in front of them…Dillon wasn’t my favorite female lead, but Slade was strong enough to carry the book all the way to the finish line! This author has a way of making you feel every rub, touch and heated moment as if you are experiencing it first hand…so for that I throw out a huge THANK YOU..great series, if you haven’t read you need to get on Wild right away!

Written by: unrulygirl

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