Space by Penny Reid

I loved everything about this book. My heart was stuck in my throat all through it, in the best of ways. The anticipation, the building up of will she-won’t he- the tension, all of it. Completely owned me. I am SO ready for the next story. Penny Reid is a quirky, nerdy girl, creator and word wielding savant and I’m a forever fan due to it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 

Even after a week since closing my kindle when it wouldn’t swipe anymore and the dreaded words THE END were blazing in front of me…I think of this story. GAH. Ms. Reid you slay at these little perfect morsels of words that keep us salivating for more. It’s a blessing and a curse. LOL the curse being I WANT TIME NOW…I may even be crying a smidge. Tears of anticipation and WANT. Read this series.  

Written by: unrulygirl

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