Tattered Love by Lola Stark

Tattered Love (Needle's Kiss, #1)Tattered Love by Lola Stark
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Loved it..alpha male..alpha female..tattooed..review to follow..Looks like I may have to box it out with Tara for Mace..you win for the eye alone! TBR shelf girls add this one..
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5 CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS A DEBUT NOVEL STARS **ARC provided by Lola Stark for honest reviews

My name is Dawn and I am a book addict..this addiction includes but isn’t limited to alpha, tattooed, protective, military, family oriented, love until the end of time, loyal bad ass males! My addiction also crosses over to LOVING a strong, bad ass, loyal, tattooed, will kick your ass female. This book fed my addiction like crack serves a crack ho..I devoured this book in one short evening and even went back to read a couple of the highlighted down and dirty scenes to hopefully relive with my alpha bad ass bed partner..:) Double crossies!
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Starting with the dedication I was sold..I rarely ever read anything other then the first page and am so glad I got the extra glance into the reasons behind the writing of this story. Did it change the story for me? No, but I felt a little more connected to where the story leads you..

You start out meeting Scarlett (Scar) and she is your typical non-girly bad ass that hangs with boys..separated at birth? Maybe I just gotta catch up with my tats! The meet with Scar and Mace is immediate attraction, which I enjoy! Why mess around with hearts and flowers when we can get straight to the bam..bam?

“Not to toot my own horn, but toot motherfucking toot”

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“It was simple really. I just wanted a man who looked at me like I was his world”

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Mace is sweet and protective but he is hiding some things from his past..when aren’t they? Having been burned before Scar is a girl constantly on the defense waiting for the other shoe to drop. The obstacles put in the path of these two tatted love birds take them on a ride to discover true love and what it means to fall completely in love..

“We might not be perfect, but it was the very thing I didn’t know I’d been searching for, the thing I needed to breathe again”

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“”You were just supposed to be a one night stand but you poked my eye, and kissed me sweet and listened to my car. Now, I kinda wanna keep you.”

This book ran me through the ringer. One moment I was pulling my hair out in frustration, another minute I am cracking up (best shower scene ever), and I think I had about 4 panty changes. All things that feed my addiction..and if there is a cure I don’t want it! Kudos to you Ms. Lola Stark..

This was a quick, easy and super hot read and I definitely recommend to anyone that loves an alpha hottie male and female! Looking forward to Trip and Teeny’s book.

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