TAUT: The Ford Book by J.A. Huss

I fucking loved this book, I loved Ford, Ashleigh, Kate and even the Bronco.  I have mentioned many..many times that a broken man is the key to my heart.  Ford is not only broken but has lived his life thinking he can’t and won’t ever be loved for the man he is.  He is a genius, he is abrupt and he has absolutely no filter to help him navigate his way in the social aspects of everyday life.  He keeps nameless “pets” that fulfill his need of being in control and keeping everyone out of his “sphere.”  His awkwardness and ineptness just makes him more lovable to me.

We start this journey with him running..running from the one woman he thinks is his “one”.  Little does he know that not only his timing, the weather and a little fate would lead him to exactly where he needed to be.  A road trip, a touch that didn’t hurt and the “team” he has always wanted is in reach, but Ford just has to figure out how the end of this trip will lead to a forever. 

Ashleigh is sad; she is trying to piece her life together with not only her baby, her estranged family but also needing to go to California to get some things off of her chest to be able to move forward.  Taking none of Ford’s bullshit and showing him that the upper hand is something earned, more of a trust in another human being than a prize to be won.  Control is a two way street and spankings are a must..

Their journey was not only in literal miles but a path for two broken, lost souls that didn’t realize together they had found their own “team”.  Ford is going into the record books for one of my favorite male leads, his quirky, demanding and genius mind that couldn’t realize where Ashleigh was really going (duh!) all equaled perfection..
This book has heart, humor, sadness, and it leads you into a story that is easy to follow and doesn’t drag on with past facts to keep you in the present.  You simply fall in love with everyone and pray that their happiness is something worth fighting for! 
Written by: unrulygirl

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