Teardrop Shot by Tijan

Being an uber Tijan fan = easy. I’ve loved all of her books and always connect with her characters BUT this one. This one is on another level for me. I found myself at 11% completely ensnared by the characters, story and raw emotions, whether they were happy or heartbreaking. The beauty in these complex people had me swooning, cheering and absolutely head over heels. I LOVED every part of this romance. The easy and the hard parts. The friendships, heart and loss had me handing over my heart and losing myself in the blanket of words brought to life by Tijan. Again. Basketball and words. IT is truly my two favorite things (other than my family…blah blah šŸ™‚ and like always Tijan delivers it with angled precision right in the FEELS. Bravo girl. This book is a MUST read, I devoured it in one sitting. DEVOURED. Beautifully awkward love at it’s finest.

Written by: unrulygirl

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