Text 2 Lovers by K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield

I sat down to read this book and glanced up about 3 hours later, only when my kindle refused to swipe any further..done? The end? But how..how did that happen so quickly? Yet it did. I started and finished this book in one quick sitting. Why? One word…banter! As a reader it is the easiest way to connect with me. A wrong number text. A texting friendship ensues. A sudden need for more. Phone calls. Intimate moments before even laying eyes on one another. And BAM. Ram.

“Who knew a wrong number could go oh-so-right?”

Ram and Dani without even knowing it were it for each other from the get go. Ram never fulling dealing with the depression of losing his father. Dani being the nice girl that gets walked all over on the daily. Each living in their own form of denial until they accidentally meet. Bringing out the best in each other. Completing. Via. Text. Call. Love.

“Get ready, Buttercup. I’m playing for keeps.”

Both of these authors are favorites of mine. So I did know who wrote what and it made sense that they chose it that way. Funny, sweet, light hearted, yet laced with a dark overlay that keeps you so connected to the story and characters you can’t help but laugh, cry and want right along with them. The background characters and their explosive chemistry an added bonus. Also ensuring that your stalking of these two authors will be stepped up extremely as the wait for the next book becomes too much to handle.

“You’re both my punishment and my reward.”

Totally enjoyed this one. Easy to read, connect with and 5 star.

Written by: unrulygirl

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