The Day The Jerk Started Falling by Max Monroe

The Day the Jerk Started Falling (The Jerk Duet, #2)The Day the Jerk Started Falling by Max Monroe
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Oh Ollie…Ollie Ollie Ollie. I wanna do a podcast for my love of you too…

It was no secret that book one started a little slow for me but by 30% I was all in and by the end of book one I was salivating for the next one…so much so I emailed the PR company in hopes they would feel my angsty heart and send relief QUICK. So when I got a response saying the arc would be on kindle later in the day I was refreshing like a mad man awaiting Ollie and his whole side of the story. I was convinced I knew the what and why’s of the story (spoiler alert I was right…eeeekkkkk) but the telling through Ollie’s eyes was enlightening, fun, and had me from podcast one. And of course the was the hilarity that comes with reading Max Monroe, the shenanigans, and heart…lots and lots of heart. This was a fun-filled romp of feelings and findings that I enjoyed more every page. Jerks come and go, they fall, they explain, crawl and capture the heart…Ollie did it all and more. I lurve him…Until next time Max & Monroe. Thank you…

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