The Harder You Fall by L.A. Cotton

OMG these kids totally deliver, well Ms. Cotton does but you know what I mean. These high school, football fanatics and the girls they set their sights on…so addicting. I may or may not have messaged the author to please please let me in on the release blitz, tour and review of this one, because I am an inpatient girl like that. I am SO glad I did. Asher and Mya were incredible. The real-ness that Mya brings to the white town of Rixon and the heart that Asher tries to hide with jokes and wit sucked me in and held me tight. Cam, Jase, Ash and the crew made me fall head over heels with all of them. Angst, feels, heart and smiles for miles. I really enjoyed watching Mya and Asher figure it all out and see what it could all mean for them. Is this really it? I think we need more…start the chant and wave with me now…okay GO!

Written by: unrulygirl

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