The Naked Truth by Vi Keeland

One thing I can count on is falling for characters written by Vi Keeland. Doesn’t matter what the story is about, who the characters are or want to be, if they deserve to be loved…I just do. This one had me wanting to know more right from the first chapter. And every new piece of information I was led to, just wanted me needing more. As all Ms. Keeland stories there is something “more” a twist and turn that leaves you breathless or wide eyed…but again wanting more. Gray and Layla’s start wasn’t conventional, it wasn’t what “fairy-tales” are made of but it was their’s. It was real and it meant more. The path they started on wasn’t paved smoothly but every story has to have it’s roadblocks and detours in order to find the happily ever after we are all searching for. Vi Keeland has a way of writing emotionally charged love stories that keep me entertained and wanting more from her.

Written by: unrulygirl

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