The Opposite Of You by Rachel Higginson

Holy sexual tension..and OMG the description of the food…I swear my stomach was yearning as much as my heart was aching for these two crazy kids to get together. Don’t read this book while low could tear it all apart. lol

I fell hard for Vera from the start..she was trying to overcome bad decisions and right all the wrongs she had made. She fell for the wrong man and paid the price. So she came home, got a plan and went to work..right across the street from the hottest competition she had ever seen.

“I was the exact opposite of him. He was sure and stable, where I was fickle and shaky. He was confident when I was only insecure. Strong where I was only ever weak.”

Right from the first look the sexual tension between Vera and Killian was ON. They were both strong willed, eager, broken in ways they didn’t even realize, and connected. From the first critique to the final page the attraction was apparent, felt through the kindle and I couldn’t help wanting more. A dash of salt, a bad yelp, all of it led to finding their way to each other…Right parking lot…right time!

Written by: unrulygirl

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