The Other Man by R.K. Lilley

The book was a given for me to was written by R.K. Lilley, I have devoured all of her books and love when she has a new one coming…but this one? This is my absolute favorite. I was told that the hero was an asshole, but I disagree. He is blunt, socially stunted, aggressive, and takes what he wants, but when Heath says something, it means EVERYTHING. Because of who he is, how he views the world, if he tells you something it means more than someone else who just uses words to fill space, it is nothing but his truth. Something simple to most, is absolute magic from his lips. It’s always the quiet ones…swoony sigh…
It helps that he is also, huge both in stature and cock, possessive, alpha (the real kind..T approved) dominant, and completely loyal to anyone that means anything to him, which is a very limited amount of people. You know there is more to his story, you crave for him to trust enough to share, yet you’re afraid of where it all might lead…totally reading perfection!
Lourdes is tough, and my favorite part she is 41, which means I still have a shot at a younger, sexually driven, hulk of a man that not only will love me hard, but can fuck me 5 times in one night. I don’t know if I should be turned on or afraid…she loves her friends and family with all that she is and deserves the love and devotion that she finds in the eyes of a stranger.

LOVED it! Ms. Lilley has struck absolute gold with this, and being able to catch up with characters that we know and love was an unexpected treat.


Written by: unrulygirl

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