The Punk and the Plaything by B.B. Reid

This book had me going through every emotion known to reader kind. I wanted to throw my kindle. Punch Jamie. Slap a ho a time or 12, I smiled, I frowned, seriously I felt it all. In all honesty at times I felt a bit of redundancy in the story, but then these emotions would come from somewhere deep inside and I was reeled back into the drama, angst, teenage whoredom, a love connection that was formed at a very young age, and friendships. A lot of different feelings all at once that at times rendered me useless for “real” life. 

Overall B.B. Reid does it again. She takes characters that at times within the series seem hard to understand and adore and she makes you fall in love with them, even more than that you WANT for them. Can’t wait for the next one.

Written by: unrulygirl

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