The Story Of Us by Tara Sivec

The Story Of Us is an emotional tale that grabbed me right out of the kindle. I was taken by Eli from page one and wanted to make all the bad things go away and nestle him in my bosom to take the nightmares away. Having lost all semblance of what a normal life looked like, Eli had been given the chance to try again. Sometimes that can be the hardest thing to actually do.  A reminder that love, real soul matching, in your bones kind of love can and will conquer all.

Shelby was likable, she loved hard, but along the way was lost even to herself. The twists and turns in this tale were not hard for me to catch onto, but that did not stop me from reading on, enjoying and fighting the good fight to see these two have their second chance with their first love. 

Tara Sivec has perfected the rom-com in my opinion but this story is more along the lines of Fisher’s Light and she does not disappoint. I didn’t even miss laughing so hard Diet Coke surged out my nostrils, because the heart and soul of this story continued to shine through. It’s a grim reminder of how little we give back to those that gave all, and I truly felt it.

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Written by: unrulygirl

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