The Truth About Us by Aly Martinez

Truth or Lie? 

Truth. Aly Martinez can write the shit out of a duet. 

Lie. I wait until they are both out to start.

I can’t wait. I have to read the words that Ms. Martinez writes as soon as they drop onto my kindle. I can’t wait. It’s a problem, an addiction, maybe? After reading the first in this duet, I was refreshing my kindle like a mad woman waiting to see where this twisted, harrowing tale was going to go…

Truth. I was more than invested. And I fucking loved it.

Lie. I knew where it was all going. 

The beauty of reading for me is getting completely immersed in another world, to lose myself within the pages and absolutely absorb the story that is playing out in front of me. And this one was exceptional in keeping me not only sated, but at the edge of my seat. Cheering for all the broken people to find their salvation, to become not only whole but a family. Such a dysfunctional family but a family all the same. Love and loyalty lives and breathes in this story. People who are willing to lie their lives on the lines for those they love, CHECK please. I love it. 
Truth. I’ll be here waiting for Ms. Martinez to release whatever is next! 

Written by: unrulygirl

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