Thieves 2 Lovers by J.D. Hollyfield and K. Webster

I felt my patience in waiting for Linc and Rey’s story was rewarded..I waited only passively aggressively messaging the authors every once in a while. Always ending with an LOL to know I was sort of kidding with my HURRY UP AND GIVE ME LINC, bless your heart messages.. What was my reward you might ask? Well, the story of course. So worth the wait! Linc was EVERYTHING. My only regret was that the doucheknuckle within the story didn’t fully get his…I blame K. for this, hello Ms. Dark & Twisted, we needed you in there to torture him just a bit more. But because Linc was enough, you’re forgiven. LOL (but is it really?)

These two authors go together like peanut butter and jelly (even if you’re allergic). They feed off of each other in such a way that you get the best of both worlds. The banter, background and heart that each one of these books has is what makes it impossible to put down after you start. The connection is felt from the start and only grows through out, making you want for each of them in a powerful way. While humor is still front and center. And the epilogues…loved them. A smile, wild heartbeat and swooning lady bits through out…I truly hope these two crazy kids continue to write together, it would be a shame to shelf this kind of simpatico <—that’s a word right? Anywho this series is RAD, and you should all go read it if you haven’t. Start with Text 2 Lovers. And you’re welcome.

Written by: unrulygirl

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