Throb by Vi Keeland

Oh my God…oh my God…two of my favorite things combined into one story. Reality T.V. and romance books…aaahhhhh, in all seriousness I am not a fan of the Bachelor…but Brett Michaels on a Love Bus with a bunch of broads HELL YES! Housewives that have nothing better to do than get injections, drink and talk shit? Sign me up!
I am such an uber fan of this author, she can write any genre and have me hook, line and sinker within a prologue, and this new series was no different. Loved the catch…the meet…the dilemma…the connection and the angst of what couldn’t be even while it was already there!

Liking Flynn didn’t help the case…but he’s sweet and caught in the middle of something he doesn’t even realize is occurring…I’m excited that we will get more of him. It’s hard when you’ve got a love triangle (ish) happening and you there is likability in the one you know isn’t going to have the coveted prize at the end of the day…or will he?

Connor and Kate are the perfect example of finding what you have always been looking for at the most inopportune time, and finding a way to make what is yours…stay!  Will luck be on their side? Enter angst….and swoooonnnnn..loved it!

Written by: unrulygirl

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