Thrown To The Wolves by Rochelle Paige

How many ways can I say I love this series? Here is the third version of it, but this one has Parker and I lurved him HARD. Parker is like any other hot blooded shifter, possessive, loyal, demanding, but he has a layer of love that shines from him that completely had me and I fell hard. He loves his family, his pack and his soul mate, even before ever meeting her. Just knowing that she is being treated poorly by her family causes him pain, and when they finally do meet…it’s like BOOOMMMMM..

Annora has had it rough…never fitting in…never getting the kind of love from her father that she sees all the other girls receiving…just not being enough…on her 18th birthday she is aware of why she has always felt like this. Lies, cover-ups and a TERRIBLE dad lead up to a betrayal that no child should ever know. How she gets out of the situation is pretty bad ass, so I fell in love with her at that moment. A chance meeting, a journey and her life finds her.

The tale of growing up not knowing love or family, to be overwhelmed by it…might be my fav so far…

Written by: unrulygirl

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