Til’ Death by Bella Jewel

What can I say about this book…other than I FUCKING LOVED IT! Review over…kidding! This book caught me at the perfect time…I was in a funk, needed something quick, intriguing and never hurts to have an asshole as the lead…Til’ Death delivered!

Bella Jewel has a knack for writing an ass, one that you can get glimpses of more than what the exterior leads you to believe…she paints the portrait flawlessly…one second you are like “wtf lady grow a set and get out!” and two seconds later you are like “I want to be her!” Not an easy thing to come across the kindle with a low page count but Ms. Jewel brought it!

Marcus:Piece of shit.
                All this shit goes through my head as I leave her, broken.
                I had to do it. You don’t understand.
                I had to.
Katia: “He’s gone out again
             He said it was for a business dinner. He always takes me to those, but tonight he didn’t. 
             He just walked past me without a word.”

You are quickly immersed into the world of what can be often seen as a marriage of convenience, players in a dangerous game, relationships that can change everything and at the end of the day…a tug at the heart that has everything looking different.  Love? Lies? Family? Sacrifice? I can’t wait for Volume Two…Need it NOW!!

Written by: unrulygirl

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